Terms and Conditions



- "You" or "The Customer" means the person, partnership or company who has ordered the goods as well as any guarantor.
- "We" or "Us" means Enhance Accessories New Zealand

Payment Terms

COD Terms: You should pay for your goods immediately. If we do not receive payment of cleared funds within fourteen days of delivery, a late payment fee may be applied.

Net 20Terms: Payment of cleared funds is due on the 20th calendar day of the month following from the date of invoice. This due date is clearly marked on your invoice. For payments that are late, a late payment fee may be applied. We may also charge interest on any amount unpaid, and may seek to recover from you any debt collection costs we incur in relation to any payment you have not made on time.

Title / Ownership

Any goods supplied by us to you are owned by us until all monies due to be paid by you to us are received by us in full.


We usually grant accounts only if you apply using our Account Application Form. It is our expectation that account customers will usually order at least once every quarter. We may cancel your account if you don't order in any twelve month period.

Back Orders

Where we cannot supply immediately all the goods that you have ordered, unless you otherwise request, we will generally put the unavailable goods on Back Order. We will send your Back Order to you as soon as possible. We always pay freight for back orders and usually give you the opportunity to add to your back order to take advantage of the fact that we are paying for the shipping.

Minimum Order Requirements

We have no minimum order expectations of customers who are GST registered and who sell the products on to consumers.

Minimum Quantity Ordered

We have minimum order of 2 units per item on all stock in Clearance Category. All other items can be ordered in quantity of 1.


Enhance Accessories does not formally offer exclusivity to any customer though we aim to be sensitive to the needs of all customers, especially those who regularly order a wide range of our products from each range (at least twice per year).

Shipping and Handling

Enhance will charge each order based on its size at cost. Enhance Accessories always pays freight for back orders. If a courier attempts delivery during normal business hours and the customer is absent or unable to receive delivery, the customer is deemed to have received the goods and must arrange for re- delivery at their own cost.

Returns & Discrepancies

Please do not return any goods to us without contacting us first. If you have not received goods as invoiced, or if you find defective goods within your order, you must make notification to us in writing within seven calendar days of the date of delivery. If there is a problem with your goods, you must first call us on (09) 624 2306 or email us with a photo of the problem. We will replace defective goods, or if a replacement is not available, you will be credited for the goods as invoiced. Discounts applied to goods will also be applied to credits for goods. If you return goods without first obtaining authorisation from us, and/or do not return goods in the way we prescribe, we are not responsible for any freight charges that occur.


Direct Credit to our Bank Account
Bank: ANZ
Account: 01-0505-0952584-00
Please include your business name and invoice number in the reference when paying by direct credit.